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Other Construction Services

Mine Wall Stabilization

If your walls or columns need to be stabilized, contact C-TEC Construction to provide a reinforced gunite stabilization wall to assist in safely and economically reinforcing your mine walls.

Bridge Stabilization

If your bridge columns, beams or deck is cracking or deteriorating, C-TEC Construction can create a repair solution. We are able to repair the affected areas in place by utilizing high pressure to pneumatically apply gunite to the area at concrete strengths equal to or better than the original design strength.

Seismic Retrofit/Stabilization

C-TEC Construction has the capacity to retrofit your walls or support structure to strengthen them as a response to a seismic event or to meet changes in the seismic codes.

Irrigation Canals

C-TEC Construction has the ability to provide gunite lined irrigation canals. By lining your irrigation canal you will virtually eliminate water seepage into the soil and increase efficiency.

Reinforcement Bar Scanning

C-TEC Construction can scan your existing bin walls to determine steel reinforcement bar spacing. This service can assist the engineers in determining liner repair designs and indicate if the existing reinforcing is deficient for today’s design standards. This is part of our structural inspection service, which also includes visual inspections and confined space entry inspections.